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Reece Wallace

Reece Wallace

Kanada - Nanaimo, B.C.


Der kanadische Sportler und Pilot Reece ist bekannt für seine kreativen Ideen und Stories im Hinterland von British Columbia. Wir freuen uns auf neue Builds, Custombike-Projekte und viel Content für 2022. Wir sind schon ganz gespannt, was uns erwartet. Lang lebe die Freeride-Szene in B.C.


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Reece's Set-Up

Bomber 58


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Bomber CR


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Bomber Z1


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Reece's Featured Videos

Glory Daze ft. Reece Wallace

"The 90s and early 2000s were the glory days of freeride. Skinnies, ladder bridges, and teeter totters paved the way for riders like Reece Wallace to carve his own path. Extrapolating from old-school freeride, he drew inspiration to build new features which paid homage to this past in 'Glory Daze'."
- Giant Bicycles

Reece Wallace: Search and Rescue | Ride Unleashed

"Like many action sports, there's a certain level of risk with mountain biking. But most of us don’t have a consequences and contingency plan as part of our pre-ride checklist. That’s pilot lingo for being prepared. As a pilot myself, I’m trained to think about the unforeseen circumstances that can occur while flying (or riding)." - Reece Wallace

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